Are you a startup?

You are aged 15-99, you have launched your business, you are a proactive project promoter and your startup, which has already been launched by the time you submit your application, is firmly based on innovative technology? Then look no further and sign up for the KIKK Belfius Awards. One more thing: you must be sure to be able to attend the ceremony at the Namur Theatre on the 2rd of November. And while these conditions aim to be as broad and inclusive as possible, they will be firmly applied.


  1. The product or project you are submitting addresses the main issues of its field.
  2. Your project gravitates within the digital realm. 
  3. Your business has been launched less than five years ago. 
  4. The product or project you’re submitting is developed enough in order to face the demands of a future commercialisation. 
  5. You have not raised more than €1,000,000 since the start of your project. 


  1. Your journey and the entrepreneurial quality of the startup’s founder(s).
  2. The innovative nature of the product or project you are submitting. 
  3. The quality of the project development and management. 
  4. The economic viability of the project and the credibility of its business plan. 

The timeline… 

  1. Submit your application by the 15st of October 2017 at the very latest. 
  2. The jury will gather to review the various projects before handing in its decision on the 26th of October 2017.
  3. The awards ceremony will take place at the Namur Theatre on the 2rd of November 2017 during the KIKK Festival in the presence of the jury and the selected candidates.