The instigators of the first KIKK Belfius Awards

The KIKK Belfius Awards 2016 will be awarded during the short but intense ceremony on the 3rd of November, during the 6th edition of KIKK Festival. Get your tissues ready. 

KIKK Festival 

KIKK is an international festival of digital and creative cultures. In 2015, it gathered more than 8,000 people hailing from 46 countries. Its interest lies in the economic and artistic growth of new technologies in fields as diverse as culture, science, design, visual arts, interactive media, music or architecture.



Thanks to its local anchoring and its decision centre in Brussels, Belfius last year accompanied some 11,000 new starters in the realization of their projects. In order to fully support these starters in their growth and development, Belfius a.o. entered into a guarantee agreement with the European Investment Fund within the framework of the competitiveness and innovation programme (CIP), allowing them to benefit from a substantial reduction of the guarantees that have to be deposited to obtain funding.

Furthermore, Belfius is a partner of the accelerator-incubator for innovating start-ups, The Birdhouse in Ghent, as well as of the interactive platform Wikipreneurs, which aims at offering starters state-of-the-art tools and a precious feedback from established entrepreneurs in order to maximize the chances of success for their enterprise from the onset. Thanks to its special start-ups offer and its 500 Business Banking specialists, Belfius is the Belgian Bank par excellence for all innovative start-ups in search of solid funding and smart guidance. 

Digital Wallonia 

Digital Wallonia is the name of the digital strategy of the Walloon Government. Its goal is to transform Wallonia into a connected and smart territory, where digital companies are recognized as global leaders and drivers of a successful industrial transformation, and where digital innovation works for high quality education, open public services and the well-being of citizens. It is also a platform providing services for all the actors and initiatives involved in the strategy, and the brand that embodies the digital ambition of Wallonia. 

W.IN.G (Wallonia Innovation and Growth) by Digital Wallonia is an investment fund, specialized in financing digital startups and managed by the S.R.I.W. But W.IN.G isn't just about providing seed capital, it also has an Investment Committee composed of serial entrepreneurs that act as mentors and offer coaching if necessary, as well as access to a network, to a developing community and to our partners' services. W.IN.G supports the Wallonia Digital Strategy that aims to make our region, Wallonia, an area of digital excellence.


Proximus enco

Proximus is excited to sponsor Kikk Festival. Proximus EnCo will be part of the jury and official sponsor for the Makers Award. EnCo is a young, small internal startup designed to work hand-in-hand with Digital Makers : Entrepreneurs, Startups, ISV or even old corporates willing to take a digital turn by adding new features to their existing business. EnCo provides a relevant toolbox for developers in technologies like IoT, Cloud, Big Data and, of course, Telecommunication.

EnCo is the perfect partner for your digital journey from the build phase (prototype) to the Scale & integrate phase and furthermore it offers you the EnCo Market where you can expose API to your solution. It was natural for Proximus to ask Proximus EnCo being part of the Maker Awards!


Creative Wallonia Engine 

Laboratoire des nouvelles pratiques d’innovation, Creative Wallonia Engine est l’acteur de terrain des nouvelles pratiques d’innovation aux côtés des opérateurs locaux et des hubs de créativité. Opérateur du programme de Creative Wallonia, Engine contribue à la transformation de la Wallonie au travers d’actions économiques, éducatives et sociétales.


Smart Gastronomy LAB

The Smart Gastronomy Lab is a living lab on food and culinary practices. It’s uniqueness lies on its 360°C vision of food innovation with a multidisciplinary approach mixing gastronomy, science, technology and art. As a living lab it allows co-creation, prototyping and testing in real-life conditions of new products, technologies, equipments and services putting the end-user at the center of the approach.