What made you a potential winner?

This year's edition aimed to reward 5 different prizes to 10 Belgian and international startups. Each candidate had to ensure that they met the following requirements :

  • The product or project addresses the main issues of its field.
  • The project gravitates within the digital realm.
  • The startup's business has been launched less than five years ago.
  • The product or project submitted is developed enough in order to face the demand of a future commercialisation.
  • The startup has not raised more than €1,000,000 since the start of the project.


  • The journey and the entrepreneurial quality of the startup’s founder(s).
  • The innovative nature of the product or project you are submitting.
  • The quality of the project development and management.
  • The economic viability of the project and the credibility of its business plan.

And the winners are...



MySkillCamp's focus is to help large corporates to succeed in their digital learning transformation. In order to do that, we have designed a pedagogical platform that helps the management team build and deliver their classroom based, blended learning and online courses faster. Our vision is that pedagogy needs to drive technology in our market. Companies need to define their content strategy before using a digital learning platform. Content is key in such a project.
MySkillCamp has a team of digital learning experts and ambassadors that onboard our customers first on the pedagogical aspect and then on the technical one. Our goal in 2018 is to become the leader in terms of Digital Learning solution and have a real impact on corporate learning. Since a year now we have been working with large corporates like Solvay, Schmidt group, Delhaize, Cora, UCB pharma, D'ieteren amongst others.

Website : www.myskillcamp.com
Prize offered by Belfius and Digital Wallonia


ALX Systems

We have developed a complete solution dedicated to allow our customers, with our help or themself, to create quickly smart applications that are including drones, robots and many other peripherals.
We propose an operating system that remove the complexity of making drones flying safely and smartly to execute business processes, like auto,omously searching for lost persons, securing an area, intercepting drones, using the cameras to detect human presence and automatically check with a drone, ...
We are the first ones on the market to provide that kind of solutions, able to work on 3G/4G networks, fully customizable and secure, on the market

Website :  www.alxsys.com
Prize offered by W.IN.G

MAKER PRIZE - 5 000 €


Using you body heat to produce electricity is the project proposed by WattsonYou!  
The human body constantly loses energy in the form of heat.  This heat is recovered to power objects that we use by touching: a headlamp, a remote control, a smartphone...
WattsonYou lets each user become energy independent everywhere and all the time The major benefit lies in the recovery of energy which is constantly available and accessible, since everyone produces heat continuously and in a completely renewable way.  
WattsonYou reduces the environmental footprint by using a free resource that il available at all times.  The ideas for application of this new technology are endless!

Website : www.wattsonyou.com
Prize offered by KIKK


MOD Devices

The MOD Duo is a computer in a rugged stage-ready box that simply replaces most or all other equipment used by musicians, such as stompboxes, multi-effects pedals, effects racks, cables, and computers. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows unprecedented creative freedom, control capabilities, and signal processing. MOD users can connect the Duo to other effects and controllers they possess and have the possibility of sharing their configurations among themselves. After successfully completing three prototypes and a Kickstarter campaign, the MOD Duo was launched in 2016 and has gathered a lively and experienced community of musicians, sound designers, media artists, developers, makers and educators and is now the most versatile audio processor that can be used by professionals and casual players at home, at the studio or on stage.

Website : www.moddevices.com
Link to a video : www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjsHDWNrFLQ
Prize supported by Wallifornia MusicTech


Prize offered by AWEx